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About the Vigil

The Shine a Light on Lung Cancer Vigil provides our amazing community with hope, support and compassion for those impacted by lung cancer and those at risk—from survivor to the newly diagnosed to loved ones to healthcare professionals to those simply wanting to help.

The vigil began in the minds of a handful of very special individuals. In 2006, Diane Legg, a cofounder of our New England chapter and a survivor, hosted a vigil on the steps of the Capitol in Boston. That night, she realized how much need there was and decided to grow the vigil with a vigil to grow it nationally. Since then, each year Diane is joined by over 350 people as they honor the lung cancer community by lighting up the Prudential Building in downtown Boston.

For so many, the most special part of the vigil is the recognition of those touched by lung cancer through a moment of silence, an acknowledgement of survivors or a slide show tribute. Each vigil culminates in a lighting of glow sticks, music is often played and people time to reflect on their reasons for attending or getting involved.

We always want to thank Joyce Neifert of Santa Rosa, CA for hosting a Shine a Little Light on Lung Cancer in honor of her husband, Steve. Joyce’s passion combined with Diane’s vision inspired what is now known as Shine a Light on Lung Cancer Vigil.

Participation in the vigil allows us to meet our critical goals:

  • Raise community awareness
  • Advance early detection and research discoveries
  • Support patients, those at-risk and loved ones
  • Build and sustain federal and state support

Zakiyah at or 202-742-1893.


This is the 5th Annual Shine a Light on Lung Cancer Vigil! It is the largest internationally coordinated awareness event for lung cancer and takes place every November. This year, vigils will kick off on November 14th as part of lung cancer awareness month. Vigils happen all over the country and many take place in countries like Australia, Brazil and Egypt. Add your voice to the millions impacted by this disease every day!

By hosting a Shine a Light on Lung Cancer Vigil, you are helping us reach our vision of tripling survivorship by 2020. Hosting a vigil is straightforward, rewarding and empowering. The focus of the vigil is to provide hope, support and compassion for all those impacted by this disease.

Hosting a vigil is easy and we’re here every step of the way to offer guidance and support. We help with technical support, a registration website, event planning, sponsorships, securing media and much more! We also provide a vigil toolkit with glow sticks, fliers, handouts, bracelets and more.

If you would like to learn more about hosting a vigil in your community, contact Zakiyah at or call 202-742-1893.

Support a Participant

You can support the involvement of a family member, friend or colleague by finding the location of the vigil they attending in the list below. Click on the link to get to that vigil website. You will see information about the vigil and can join yourself if you so choose! On the left hand side is a "support a participant" button. Click on that and enter the name. Your support will help thousands of people across the country impacted by lung cancer.