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LCA Statement on House Passage of Revised AHCA

Thursday, May 4, 2017 - Today, the US House of Representatives passed by a vote of 217-213 the American Healthcare Act (AHCA) – the long awaited plan to repeal the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act that not only repeals, but replaces the law with reforms laid out by President Donald Trump. This is a significant development for a repeal measure that has twice been pulled back from a vote for lack of support.

Throughout this legislative process, LCA has expressed concern about any legislation that would allow for a loss of insurance coverage, cuts in benefits and increases in medical costs for our community. As we have stated we will only support a patient-centered system that brings choice and access to high quality care in an affordable and equitable way. Given the uncertainties and vagueness in the bill, LCA is not convinced that AHCA will adequately protect patients and benefit the low income and underserved communities. We in fact believe the measure may very well roll back access to quality healthcare and affordability for vulnerable lung cancer patients and Americans with pre-existing conditions. For one, we do not know the cost of the revised bill and the additional $8 billion dollars secured does not guarantee that people with pre-existing medical conditions remain covered since there is no specific guidance on how states will choose those who are eligible for a high risk insurance pool, how much care will be covered, or how much out of pocket cost will be on premiums.

The bill now moves to the US Senate for further consideration. As a leading voice for the lung cancer community in shaping policies, LCA will continue to emphasize that we cannot risk advancement in disease prevention, detection and treatments. In order to move forward and not go back we must have a very strong and specific plan that ensures continued progress and patients’ ongoing access to comprehensive and affordable healthcare.

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