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LCA, ALA and Other Lung Groups Send Healthcare Message to Congress

Friday, February 3, 2017

This week, Lung Cancer Alliance, American Lung Association and 18 other lung cancer organizations sent a letter (.pdf) to Congress encouraging members to consider the lung cancer community and the incredible advancements in the field when making decisions regarding access to quality and affordable healthcare. 

Key points within the letter include:

  • Many lung cancer patients are alive today because of key healthcare protections currently in effect that eliminated pre‐existing condition prohibitions, lifetime and annual benefit limits, coverage rescissions and access to preventive services.
  • Instability in the marketplace because of the unknown will jeopardize affordability and access, especially in the individual marketplace.
  • Proposals that only guarantee health insurance for those who are able to retain continuous coverage or impose waiting periods would place barriers to access. 
We are committed to working to ensure that our nation’s healthcare system will protect individuals with lung cancer and ensure they have access to quality and affordable healthcare.