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Lung Cancer Alliance Salutes Fathers on their Special Day

Washington, DC [Friday, June 15, 2012]--Lung Cancer Alliance sent our best wishes on Father’s Day which will be celebrated this Sunday.

“As we honor our fathers this weekend, we should also encourage those who are at high risk for lung cancer to consider being screened with low dose CT scans,” said Laurie Fenton Ambrose, Lung Cancer Alliance President and CEO. "We know now that CT screening those at high risk can save tens of thousands of lives a year and this is the best gift that any father, any family can have.”

Father's DayUnderscoring her point, Fenton Ambrose cited a letter Lung Cancer Alliance recently received from James A. Smith of Michigan, a long time smoker who signed up at age 63 for the National Cancer Institute's trial which proved the power of CT screening to reduce lung cancer mortality.

“…On Father's Day 2003, I had a low dose spiral scan (at Henry Ford Hospital - Macomb - Michigan).  On October 12, 2003, my left lung along with one small tumor, were removed.

I survive today because of that scan (plus some terrific work by surgeons and oncologists and radiologists at Detroit Medical Center - Harper Hospital and the Karmanos Institute).

On Father's Day 2003, I had three grandchildren. Since, I have welcomed to this world and hugged and snuggled eight more. One was born on October 12, 2003, the very day I had my surgery.  Last week, I took my three-year old granddaughter to ride the Carousel at Greenfield Village, Dearborn MI.

Father's Day 2012 is coming up.  I'm seventy now. I'm alive to hug my kids and my eleven grandkids.  Did the scan work for me? For them?  Yes, it did.  Yes, it did.”

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