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LCA Offers Condolences to Family of Senator Inouye

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 [Washington, DC]--Lung Cancer Alliance offered condolences to the family of Senator Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii), a close friend of LCA Board Member Norman I. Mineta and a staunch supporter of the lung cancer research program at the Department of Defense.

LCA President and CEO Laurie Fenton-Ambrose hailed Senator Inouye as one the most highly respected members to ever serve in the United States Senate. 

“He has been a great friend and a true hero to our country and to the lung cancer community in particular,” said Fenton Ambrose. 

“A lot of LCA’s work is done quietly behind the scenes through direct contact with congressional leaders which we do not broadcast,” she continued.  

“It was Senator Inouye, along with the late Congressman John Murtha in the House of Representatives, who made LCA’s goal of DOD funding for lung cancer research a reality in 2008.”

Over $60 million has gone to the program since then, with another $12 million pending for 2013.

“Senator Inouye had deep compassion for our military men and women and understood that ethically and morally we had to do more for those who have served and who are at high risk for lung cancer,” she said.

Senator Inouye was a highly decorated World War II hero who lost his arm in battle and was eventually given the nation’s highest award - the Congressional Medal of Honor - in 2000.

He began his political career when Hawaii was still a territory and after statehood was achieved he served 3 years in the U. S. House of Representatives and 50 years in the U.S. Senate.