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LCA Endorses California Proposition 29


Revenue from Proposition to Fund Lung Cancer Research


Washington, DC [June 4, 2012]--Today, Lung Cancer Alliance-California endorsed California’s Proposition 29, a ballot initiative to increase the tax tobacco by $1 to fund cancer research and tobacco prevention programs.

“Proposition 29 is very much in line with our mission to increase public health funding for lung cancer research,” said Ken Wheatley, Co-Director of the Lung Cancer Alliance California chapter. “Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in California and is the least funded. Proposition 29 will create much needed funding every year for research to find cures for lung cancer, lung diseases and other tobacco-related illnesses.”

Proposition 29 is on the June 5th ballot. It would create $735 million annually for cancer research and tobacco cessation programs. Despite advances in treatment and prevention, nearly one out of two Californians born today will get cancer sometime in their life, nearly one in five will die of the disease, and lung cancer is still the second leading cause of death in America. 

This effort is being led by leading public health organizations throughout the state. “We will work with any and all who wish to see a reduction in lung cancer mortality through an alliance of tobacco cessation and control, early detection and research,” continued Wheatley. 

“We are grateful to have the support of the Lung Cancer Alliance,” said Jim Knox, Vice President of Government Relations for the California Division of the American Cancer Society. “The Alliance continues to work towards its goal of reducing lung cancer deaths. They have joined leading health advocacy organizations, doctors and researchers throughout the state in prioritizing the health of Californians and all Americans.”

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