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National Cancer Institute CTAC Committee Accepts Small Cell Lung Cancer Report


Lung Cancer Alliance Shares Report Initiatives Generated from Passage of Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act

[Washington, DC] Wednesday, June 18, 2014-Today, the National Cancer Institute Clinical Trials and Translational Research Advisory Committee (CTAC) held a briefing to review and accept its report on small cell lung cancer research. The report was accepted and will now be formally submitted to Congress this July.

The report to Congress was mandated by the Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act which evolved from the Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act and was signed into law in January of 2013. 

The following five initiatives were recommended:

  1. Develop better research tools for the study of small cell lung cancer.
  2. Develop focused, comprehensive genomic profiling.
  3. Develop new diagnostic approaches.
  4. Facilitate novel therapeutic developments.
  5. Define the mechanisms that allow for rapid response to initial treatment and then the resistance to treatments.