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AARP Members Urged to Provide Input

June 13, 2014

Every two years, the AARP board of directors updates its policy book, which reflects the association’s position on a range of issues.  AARP has invited its members to suggest issues that they would like AARP to weigh in on by going to The deadline to submit your issue is July 31st. 

LCA will be weighing in formally.  However, we know that if AARP hears from you, its own members, it will make a huge difference!  Lung cancer is a disease that heavily impacts AARP’s membership.  The majority of lung cancer cases are diagnosed in people over age 50 – the threshold for AARP membership. 

Lung cancer screening, if fully and equitably deployed, could save tens of thousands of lives each year. We need your help to gain AARP’s support!  Help us convince AARP to adopt a policy to support our mission to sharply reduce lung cancer mortality. AARP must let its members know that lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the nation and that the majority of cases are diagnosed in former smokers or people who never smoked at all. 

Current and former smokers in AARP’s membership need to know that they are at increased risk for lung cancer. They must know that responsible lung cancer screening could save their lives and is available across the country. They must also know that Medicare coverage for this lifesaving benefit is not guaranteed, even though it is an essential health benefit for the non-Medicare population.  And AARP must join us in insisting upon more federal research funding to find more effective treatments and cures for all forms of lung cancer.   

Thank you for taking action today!