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LCA Asks President Obama to Acknowledge Significance of Lung Cancer Screening

TOMORROW, January 17, President Obama will be holding a ceremony at the White House in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the first Surgeon General’s report that definitively linked smoking to lung cancer.  In our ongoing efforts to ensure a coordinated plan linking prevention, early detection and treatment research together, we sent a letter to President Obama asking him to highlight the importance of lung cancer screening. Of the 443,000 lives lost each year to tobacco, over 100,000 die of tobacco related lung cancer.  Lung cancer screening can save tens of thousands of these lives.   Please, help us get the President’s attention.  Call the White House TODAY at 202-456-1111.  Ask the President to please include lung cancer screening among the lifesaving tools now available - including smoking prevention and cessation - that can end needless tobacco deaths. 

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