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Additional $10.5 Million in Federal Research Funding Clears Another Legislative Hurdle

Washington, D.C. [July 19, 2012]—An additional $10.5 million in federal funding for lung cancer research took another step forward when the House of Representatives passed the FY2013 Department of Defense Appropriations Act by a vote of 326 to 90 Thursday evening.  The $606 billion bill funds the Defense Department and war activities in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2013.   Included in the legislation are defense health programs,  within which includes a dedicated lung cancer research funding pipeline, established by LCA in 2008, to support research funding for early disease management among at risk military men and women.   The FY2013 funding level of $10.5 million – added to the $58 million secured to date via this pipeline -- would bring total research funding for lung cancer to almost $70 million via this pipeline .  The bill must now be considered and approved by the Senate and ultimately by the President.   LCA will continue to monitor legislative progress and continue to advocate for this research funding.