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Lung Cancer Alliance Seeks Clarification from USPSTF on Timing of Lung Screening Recommendation

Washington, DC [October 27, 2011]--As a follow-up to earlier correspondence on lung cancer screening, and after a recent media report quoted the co-vice chairman of the United States Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF), Dr. Michael LeFevre, as stating, “that the review process would take up to two years”, Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) sent a letter to the Director of the Agency for Health Care Research (AHRQ),  Dr. Caroline Clancy, asking for clarification on the process and timeline urging that USPSTF move expeditiously to revise its recommendation on lung screening. 

Lung Cancer Alliance has strongly advocated that the scientific validation of CT screening should now transition safely, efficiently, and equitably into public health benefit.  LCA has also underscored the sense of urgency surrounding this scientific breakthrough as well as ensuring that it is provided responsibly within a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care setting.   

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