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LCA Endorses the 21st Century Cancer ALERT Act as Introduced in US Senate by Sen. Kennedy (D-MA) and Sen. Hutchison (R-TX)

April 2, 2009 [Washington, DC] -- The ALERT (Access to Life Saving, Early Detection, Research and Treatment) Act, S. 717 deals with the entire continuum of cancer care.  Prevention and early detection for those most at risk are emphasized through support for innovative initiatives and new technologies such as biomarkers and imaging. Cancer research will be strengthened through increased coordination among stakeholders on current and future projects.  Increased enrollment in clinical research will be achieved by removing barriers to patients’ participating in clinical trials.  The bill also includes measures to improve services for cancer survivors, reduce the duplication of services, and enhance continuity of care.  Additionally the bill increases access to care for underserved populations and reduces the burden of disease and the cost of health care for the nation.  (link to section by section which is attached above).  The ALERT Act has been referred to the Senate Health Education Labor Pension (HELP) Committee.

To view a section by section summary of the legislation, click here.

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