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LCA Responds to Article in Archives of Internal Medicine

Dear Friends:

Recently, the Archives of Internal Medicine, a publication of the American Medical Association, featured an articled entitled “Overstating the Evidence for Lung Cancer Screening”.  The authors of the article, one of which includes a senior official at the National Institute of Health (NIH), a government funded medical research institution, included one of our advertisements and criticized our advocacy efforts, some of which were misrepresented.

We wrote a “Letter to the Editor” in response to the article and submitted it for publication. 

The Archives editorial board informed us that they would be willing to publish our letter – but only as a factual correction to the paper.  The editorial board suggested that we submit the following language:

“In regard to the article entitled “Overstating the Evidence for Lung Cancer Screening” I believe the authors overstated their own case by the statement that “…it is a mistake to screen for lung cancer using spiral CT.”  Among the most critical reports concerning screening for lung cancer, not even the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) takes that position.  The USPSTF concluded in its 2004 review that “the evidence is insufficient to recommend for or against” CT screening for lung cancer – the exact same language used by USPSTF on PSA testing for prostate cancer.


If we were willing to revise our letter to this specificity – then the editorial board would reconsider our revised manuscript.

We considered the recommendation of the editorial board and revised our “Letter to the Editor” and resubmitted it for consideration.(link – public docs archives.2.27 ).  We wanted to inform you that our second revision has been denied publication.

Given the importance of this issue and the misrepresentation of our position by the authors we wanted to make sure that our “Letter to the Editor” was made publicly available for review.