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LCA Participates in Fund for Women's Health Forum

April 11-12, 2007-- Laurie Fenton Ambrose, President of Lung Cancer Alliance, participated in a two day Fund for Women's Health Forum at Commonweal Institute in Bolinas, CA.  The seminar was designed to address key concerns in etiology and care of diseases that disproportionately affect women--exploring specifically environmental and non-hereditary causes of cancer and the research, education, program and policy agendas of women's cancer advocacy organizations.  The forum also looked at possible areas of shared action among the represented organizations toward the goal of primary cancer prevention.

Laurie was joined by scientists, medical professionals and other leaders from breast, ovarian, and melanoma advocacy organizations, as well as leading cancer research and support foundations.  The discussion was wide reaching and included presentations from nationally recognized speakers in public and environmental health sciences and cancer causation and prevention.

All participants agreed that we share a common goal of better understanding the links between cancer and the environment, that we need to work harder to help reduce exposures to cancer-causing substances, and that we need to improve ways of informing women and the public about work being done in this important public health arena.  No doubt a daunting task--but not insurmountable.  All participants agreed that collectively we can develop blueprints for action--and will meet again to take next steps.