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LCA Attends 2007 Cancer Reserach and Prevention Foundation (CRPF) Annual Forum

April 22-24, 2007--LCA President, Laurie Fenton and staffer Sheila Ross participated in a two day conference conference in Chicago.  The CRPF annual conference focused on how to get pharmaceutical companies, scientists, CT manufacturers and diagnostic software developers all working together to quicken the pace of drug development for lung cancer.  Carolyn (Bo) Aldige, President of CRPF, and Jim Mulshine, MD, LCA Board Member, initiated this annual forum three years ago and LCA has participated since the beginning.  "Thanks to Jim and Bo's persistence, everyone is now on the same page and we are starting to move forward," said Fenton.  A more detailed update of the conference will be available for LCA advocates and stakeholders in the upcoming Spirit and Breath Newsletter.