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Molecular Testing

Molecular Testing

LCA Stands in Coalition with Others in Support of Fair Coverage for Molecular Testing

We have been actively participating in meetings on Capitol Hill as part of the Coalition to Strengthen the Future of Molecular Diagnostics, a group of patients, providers, clinical laboratories, diagnostic test manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and others unified in their concerns over the future for molecular diagnostic testing.  Access to molecular tests is at risk because new Medicare reimbursement rates – which are often followed by private insurance companies and Medicaid -- are set far below the amounts paid previously. 

In the case of the test for the EGRF gene in lung cancer patients, the rates do not even cover the cost of the tests.  Such tests are important tools in lung cancer care and treatment.  Knowing how a patient might respond at a molecular level to a particular treatment allows patients and physicians to quickly determine if targeted therapies like Tarceva, Xalkori and Avastin should be administered, saving valuable treatment time. 

On March 25, 2015 LCA provided comments on proposed rule to reimburse genetic testing. Click here to read the full letter.