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Lung Cancer Alliance partners at the national level to support policies and services that impact people with lung cancer, their caregivers and families. While we monitor, endorse and advocate for numerous pieces of federal legislation and regulations, our focus remains in the key areas listed below.   

Federal Resarch Funding

The federal government is the largest funder of cancer research. We work to ensure lung cancer research is a priority. 

Access to Care

We work to ensure that everyone impacted by lung cancer has access to the most personalized and effective diagnostics, treatments and palliative care options. 


These letters play a critical role in sharing with Members of Congress, federal agencies and others the views and values of the lung cancer community. 

Lung Cancer Action Center

We have the tools to put you in direct contact with your Members of Congress to request their action or comment on specific issues related to our community. Visit our Lung Cancer Action Center to learn more.