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Federal Policy

The federal government plays a key role in nearly every aspect of cancer policy – from funding research to determining what cancer screenings and treatments will be covered by Medicare, Medicaid and now, private insurers, through passage of the Affordable Care Act.  Today more than ever, advocacy at the federal level matters.  We have been actively engaged with Congress and key federal agencies to ensure that the needs of the lung cancer community are not forgotten.   


There have been some successes to make lung cancer a national public health priority and to secure increased federal research funding. Read on to learn more.

Department of Defense Research Funding

The Department of Defense (DOD) has disease specific research programs. Since 2009, lung cancer research has been included.

Screening Coverage

Low dose CT screening for lung cancer  is recommended by many professional societies for those at high risk. It is now an Essential Health Benefit and requires coverage from private insurance. Medicare is also covering screening. 

Molecular Testing

Molecular testing is becoming more common in diagnosing and treating lung cancer. This is an important step to ensuring lung cancer patients get the treatments best for them. Read more about how we work to ensure coverage of molecular testing.

Oral Parity

Some of the treatmetns for lung cancer are taking orally. We work to ensure that those drugs are covered in the same way as the standard intravenous chemotherapies. Read our statement on oral parity.