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Faces of Lung Cancer

Add a Face to end the stigma!

We’re proud to share with you these Faces of Lung Cancer. Each person represented here is a mother, father, brother, sister, neighbor and friend, whose lives have been forever changed by lung cancer.  We welcome you to share your photos as we represent the true faces of this disease. We hope to shed any stigma associated with this disease.

We welcome your pictures as we present to the world the true faces of the disease. We hope to dispel many of the misperceptions and the long held stigmas associated with lung cancer.

Michelle Neinas Judy Bankhead Baerbel Whitney Melodye Wilson Debra Roeder Mary Beth Christianson Phillip Messer Tracy Desantis James Smith Rose JoAnn O'Connor Richard Smith Cindy Meade Joyce Miller Carol Robert Nadeau Damian Lamai Roland Millette Marcia Greer Kenneth Van Hook Elizabeth Dols Debbie Westlund Eugene Evans Jean Payton Conoya Bayne Douglas Lee Williams Michael J. Melville Becky Wygant Earl Fagan James Miller Pamyla Hefner Brittany Coppedge Frank Iorio Joan Gaeta John McCarthy Duane Leschefske Andrew Lee Tom Kuhn Charla Hattendorf Jerry Boudreau Rita Genia Andrea Davis Edward Bailey SR Jonathan Callahan Eva Hamilton Edward Sessler Basil Carroll Trudi Aston James Lenox Colleen Wilson Beth Anne Wilson Linda Goetz James Saxton Frank Schweizer Joni Baumiller Patterson Clay Higdon Kathie Sorenson Peggy Fox Philomena Hayes