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How to Give A Scan

If you are interested in donating your scans or the scans of a loved one the first step would be to contact us and let us know! 

You can email at or call us 1-800-298-2436.

We can explain to you how to get a copy of your scans and we will then send you the following documents related to the program:

  • A consent form to allow us to remove identifying information from your CT scans and put them and the other health information on the Give A Scan website
  • Forms for additional information

All documents and scans should be sent directly to our offices. We will advise you when we receive the scans and forms. They will then be assigned a code to protect your identity. Then, we will use a computer program to take personal information off of the CT scans, leaving only sex and age. The scans and additional information provided will then be uploaded to the Give A Scan® website designed for researchers.

As you get more CT scans, we encourage you to donate those as well!