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Surgery for NSCLC

When NSCLC lung cancer is found early, surgery is often an option. The surgical procedure used will depend on several factors.

Types of lung cancer surgeries: segmentectomy or wedge resection in which the tumor and some surrounding tissue is removed; lobectomy in which an entire lobe is removed, bilobectomy in which two lobes are removed and pneumonectomy, in which an entire lung is removed.

Procedures used for lung cancer surgery include thoracotomy and minimally invasive procedures such as video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) and robotic surgery.

Chemotherapy and/or radiation may be used before or after surgery, or both. This option is determined by the stage of NSCLC and other factors, including emerging tests such as Pervenio: 

Pervenio™ Lung RS, a risk stratification test for early stage lung cancer (Life Technologies)

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