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Lung cancer clinical trials

Medications used today to  treat cancer and other diseases all went through the clinical trial process prior to approval. It is thanks to patients like you who participated in trials that we have the current treatment options we do for lung cancer. All over the world, researchers are working to find new and more effective treatments for lung cancer and you can be part of that process through joining a clinical trial. 

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Find a lung cancer clinical trial at 1-800-698-0931

There are hundreds of lung cancer clinical trials going on all over the country. To help you easily find those right for you or a loved one, we offer the Lung Cancer Clinical Trial Matching Service at 1-800-698-0931. 

You will speak with a Clinical Trial Navigator to identify appropriate trials and can receive information to discuss with the treatment team either by mail or e-mail. Or, you can search the database directly by  clicking here