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Smoking cessation after a lung cancer diagnosis

Quitting smoking is rarely easy. If you have been diagnosed with lung cancer and continue to smoke you may find it hard to admit. The fact is there are compelling reasons to quit, even after a diagnosis of lung cancer. And, there are more ways to quit than ever before. You can do it!  

Why quit?

97 reasons to quit smoking (Health Magazine)

When smokers quit - what are the benefits over time? (American Cancer Society)

Reasons to quit after being diagnosed

Smoking after a lung cancer diagnosis, reasons to quit (Lung Cancer Alliance)

Smoking in cancer care: poorer treatment response (National Cancer Institute)

Gritz et al. 2006. Successes and failures of the teachable moment: Smoking cessation in cancer patientsCancer 106/1: 17-27. 

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Smoking cessation resources


Become an Ex (Legacy)

Quit smoking today (

By telephone

Telephone Quitline 1-800-QUITNOW (North American Quitline Consortium)

In-person groups

Nicotine Anonymous


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