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Support for caregivers and loved ones of someone with lung cancer 

Caregivers and loved ones of cancer patients often experience emotional and physical stress. Sometimes loved ones are reluctant to seek help and sometimes there just doesn't feel like there is enough time. The truth is that it is as important for caregivers to take care of themselves as it is to care for the patient. The treatment facility can be an excellent resource to find local support or counseling but here are some additional ways.  

Explore in-person support options 

Lung cancer specific support groups list, by state. Not all groups allow caregivers and family members to attend so ask when you call for information. (Lung Cancer Alliance)

Find support programs and services in your area (American Cancer Society)

Locate a Cancer Support Community near you, includes Wellness Communities and Gilda's Clubs (Cancer Support Community)

Explore telephone support options

GUIDES Program  (Lung Cancer Alliance)

Caregiver and loved ones support group (CancerCare)

Explore online support options

Help for Cancer Caregivers website (collaboration between CancerCare, Michigan State University, Indiana University, Caregiver Action Network and Wellpoint)

LungLoveLink online support community (Lung Cancer Alliance)

Lung cancer caregiver support group (CancerCare)

The Living Room online support groups and discussion boards (Cancer Support Community)

Online lung cancer support community (Association of Cancer Online Resources)

Explore professional support

Peer-to-pear support isn't always enough. Ask at your center if there is a counselor or social worker who can help. Here are options for professional counseling by telephone as well as referral to counselors in your area. 

Telephone counseling (CancerCare)

Cancer Support Helpline (Cancer Support Community)

Referral information for cancer patients and caregivers (American Psychosocial Oncology Society)