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Getting a second opinon

Getting a second opinion is always a good idea. Doing so can serve two purposes: If the second opinion is the same as the first, it can confirm that the first recommendation is the right path. A second opinion that is different can open up treatment options you might not have otherwise considered.

If your current treatment center does not have a lung cancer program or oncologists who specialize in lung cancer, it's a great idea to get the second opinion from a facility that does. That may mean traveling but remember that often the treatment recommended by the second opinion facility can be coordinated with a center close to home. 

Learn about second opinions 

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Online or remote second opinions

Some well-respected cancer centers are now offering second opinions without the patient traveling to the center. Please see the links below to learn more about how they work and how much this service costs.

Online Specialty Consultations (Partners Healthcare Network, which includes Harvard Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital)

My Consult (Cleveland Clinic)


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