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Welcome to Lung Cancer Online

LungCancerOnline is a directory of information and resources on lung cancer.

We've designed LungCancerOnline as a reliable reference guide for those diagnosed with lung cancer, their loved ones, healthcare professionals and anyone looking for in-depth information, all in one place. LungCancerOnline provides access to over 1,000 reputable resources, selected by Lung Cancer Alliance.

Since 1999, LungCancerOnline has been the trusted go-to reference on lung cancer, treatment options, psychosocial support, research and more. We received the gift of this site in 2009 and we've updated the navigation, added to the catalog and updated the information and links. To learn more about Karen Parles, the founder of LungCancerOnline and how it came to be, click here.

Thanks for exploring!

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