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About Lung Cancer

We have been a trusted source of information on lung cancer risk, screening, diagnosis and treatment options since 1995. Each year, we provide thousands of individuals with comprehensive, tailored information so they are able to make educated decisions throughout their lung cancer journey. Find the information you need below or call our toll free information line, 1-800-298-2436.

What If I Am at Risk?

Are you concerned about your risk for lung cancer? Read on for a complete discussion about lung cancer risk factors, what you can do if you think you are at risk and how you may be able to decrease it.

What Is Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is a complicated disease. We have tried to make it easier to understand the basics about lung cancer. Read on for information on how lung cancer is diagnosed, the different types of lung cancer and the various stages of the disease.

What If I Am Diagnosed?

Lung cancer is a complex disease and so is its treatment. Read on for more information about how to find a doctor, what questions to ask, how to understand treatment options and how to manage treatment side effects.