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Coping with Symptoms and Side Effects Series

A year ago, we conducted a needs assessment of survivors and their loved ones. One of the key takeaways resulting from the survey is that our community felt unprepared to manage the symptoms and side effects of lung cancer and its treatment. Additionally, throughout the lung cancer journey, they did not feel that they had access to the services of a palliative care team.

As a result, we created our Coping Webinar Series which launched in January 2017. The series consists of four webinars throughout 2017, each focusing on a common side effect or symptom of lung cancer and its treatment. Leading experts in the field, real life patients and medical professionals will offer a variety of perspectives, guidance and information on the particular topic.

Coping Series:  

Shortness of Breath: January 25, 2017, Our first webinar focused on shortness of breath, an incredibly common issue for those living with lung cancer. We sat down with nurse practitioner, Dr. Lynn Reinke, PhD, ARNP, FAAN and certified nurse specialist, Donna Wilson, RN, MSN, RRT to determine the best approaches for managing shortness of breath. Learn more!

Digestive Problems (Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and constipation): April 28, 2017, With the help of Niki Koesel ANP, ACHPN, FPCN, palliative and hospice nurse, and Eric Roeland, MD, FAAHPM, an oncologist and palliative care doctor, we broke down what causes digestive problems for lung cancer patients and discussed tips for preventing and managing them that you can put to use right now. Learn more!

Anxiety - TBD July; Stay tuned! 

FatigueStay tuned!