Lung Cancer Alliance: A Look at the Coming Months

We are excited to make this a water­shed moment for patients, survivors and caregivers alike by ramping up our initiatives to bring life-saving, cost-benefiting, stigma busting efforts to all those affected by lung cancer.

We’re confident that lung cancer’s mortality can be cut in half by 2020 through our multi-tiered plan of action:

  • Integrate lung cancer screening into public health benefit
  • Increase federal and state research funding
  • Continue our national awareness campaign tackling stigma
  • Expand messaging to include information on risk
  • Increase our live and professionally staffed support, information and referral services to meet growing needs and expectations

With recent scientific validation that screening those at high risk with low-dose CT scans can save tens of thousands of lives a year (and at lower cost for each life saved than other cancer screening methods), we swiftly translated the science into public health benefit. We released the first of its kind National Framework for Lung Screening Excellence and Continuum of Care, to ensure that lung cancer screening is carried out safely, responsibly and cost effectively.

We applaud the 120 plus medical centers across the country that have adopted the National Frame­work and established lung cancer screening programs within their continuum of care.

The No One Deserves to Die Campaign has been an overwhelming success. It took direct aim at the biggest obstacle preventing any progress in lung cancer survival—the stigma and blame associated with the disease. Our objective was to break down this barrier and open the door to a more constructive public discussion on how to reduce lung cancer’s mortality rate—once and for all. We will be launching the next phase of the campaign in early 2013.

Federal research funding and a national plan of action for all aspects of lung cancer continually grow in both dollars and support. The Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act of 2011, the first ever bi-partisan call for a comprehensive and coordinated plan of action to address lung cancer, with the specific goal of reducing lung cancer mortal­ity 50% by 2020, now has a record setting number of 29 Senators and 70 Members of Congress cosponsoring the legislation. We have also secured an additional $10.5 million specifically for lung cancer research in the FY2013 Department of Defense Lung Cancer Research Pipeline. We established this dedicated pipeline in 2008 and have secured $70 million in federal research funding to date.

We appreciate those who have participated in our signature national awareness events, such as the National Shine a Light on Lung Cancer Vigil and Team Lung Love. As these events continue to grow we continue to fuel our grassroots movement and engage advocates in record numbers representing every state. The National Shine a Light on Lung Cancer Vigil has gone international and we have partnerships with the Australian Lung Foundation, CanSURVIVE in Egypt and the Albert Einstein Israeli Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil!

We are confident that together, we can bring about the greatest life-saving and cancer mortality reduc­ing effort ever by 2020.

Thank you for your help, your support and your continued belief in our work.