To Touch Just One Person

Diana_Phone-Buddy2Diana lost both her mother and brother to different cancers. She dedicated herself to various cancer organizations, helping others who had been through her experience. About nine years ago, Diana went in for a routine doctor’s appointment that resulted in a stage 3 lung cancer diagnosis. Now in remission, Diana focuses her efforts on LCA’s Phone Buddy program, one of the only lung cancer specific peer-to-peer support programs in the US. We are inspired by and grateful for Diana’s strength and dedication to the lung cancer community.

“In 2005, I was moving from New Jersey to Tennessee and called my doctor for a refill of blood pressure medicine. Right before my doctor’s appointment I began to have a pain in my back. Despite trying to ignore it, my husband convinced me to tell my doctor and I soon found myself getting a chest x-ray.

The chest x-ray showed that I had lung cancer and doctors told me I had a 15-20% chance of survival. I was in shock!  Although I smoked two packs a day for 29 years, I quit smoking 17 years ago and never considered lung cancer a threat. I am incredibly lucky to have talked to my doctor when I did.” (Under current guidelines Diana could have been considered a candidate for lung cancer screening with a low dose CT scan. Find out today if you or someone you love is at risk for lung cancer and get a scan.)

“Now, nine years after my diagnosis, I am happy to say I have been in remission for two years and dedicate my time to helping others who are facing what I once faced.”

“Having lost my mother and brother to cancer, I was always involved with various cancer “buddy” programs. Once I was diagnosed with lung cancer, I started to realize that there are limited support programs for the lung cancer community. In my search for resources I came across LCA’s Phone Buddy program, recognizing how comforting it would have been to have that resource while I was going through my treatment.”

“I became a Phone Buddy to provide hope and support to lung cancer patients. By telling them my story, I can show them there are long term survivors out there and lung cancer is not a death sentence.

“I felt very lucky to have my husband as a strong support system during my lung cancer journey. I have found that some of my “buddies” don’t have that kind of support and to them I might be all they have.  I give back because so much had been given to me when I was going through my cancer.”

“The people I connect with have a desire to talk and it is my job to listen and provide support. We, as people, need to talk. This is how we will raise awareness for lung cancer, advance research and increase funding.”

“I am always so impressed with the positive attitudes that these people keep while facing such difficult circumstances. They make me feel better…sometimes I think they encourage me more than I encourage them.  I figure if I can help just one person than I am making a difference and it is worth it.”

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