The Power of One

By Kristin Bramell, Director of Philanthropy, Lung Cancer Alliance

ice bucket

We spend a lot of time encouraging people to be a part of a community, and to band together to create a powerful voice. Sometimes the most powerful voice can be just a single person, though, that creates change organically. The Power of One.

Malala Yousafzai brought the world into her living room to understand the perils of attaining simple education in Pakistan. Caitlyn Jenner made transgender issues common dinner conversation. And one man changed social fundraising forever with the dare to dump a bucket of ice over your head. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was an instant and powerful tool that dominated social media and ultimately raised $115 million in a single month for ALS Association–well over their normal $23 million annual budget. This grand total is more than the $102 million funded by the Lung Cancer Research program in the Department of Defense since 2009!

Within a week, an entire nation was discussing “What is ALS? Who is at risk? What are the symptoms? And what can I do to help?” The concept was simple—avoid the dare and pay up, or take the dare just for fun…and still pay up. Your $10 donation became $50 when you asked four friends, who continued the chain to reach tens, then hundreds, then thousands—and researchers swooned with the advancing opportunity to create systemic change for a debilitating and deadly disease.

It is realistic that only one person needs to be inspired to spark a movement, but it requires that one person to begin the conversation.

So what does this defining moment look like for lung cancer? When will the “a-ha” moment come that creates global awareness and passion for lung cancer, which has been so stigmatized for so long? Perhaps it’s with your powerful voice. Perhaps the next big idea will be yours.

Lung Cancer Alliance is so grateful for each and every dollar that you commit to our cause. As the highest rated lung cancer charity (by Charity Navigator), and the top 1% of all charities nationwide, we promise to continue our life-saving mission for all people living with a lung cancer diagnosis or at risk. I hope you will pledge to help us meet these immense needs too. Every gift counts, and moves the needle closer to a cure.

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