Special Talents of LCA Staff

We have some pretty talented and unique people on staff at Lung Cancer Alliance. We asked everyone one to share their special talent. Check it out!




Kristen, Events & Volunteers Coordinator: Competitive water skiing! I used to compete in college and was ranked 16th in the country in 2011 for Jump at the collegiate level, but now I just water ski for fun.







Kenny, Policy Coordinator: I love musical theater! I played one of the lead roles in RENT when I was in college. I was also in the marching band in 8th grade, where I played the saxophone and xylophone.






Rachel, Administrative Assistant: I love to paint! This photo is of a mural I painted in my old co-op in Michigan.








Lanni, Sr. Manager of Events & Volunteers: I can throw a perfect spiral 30+ yards!






Edy, Chief Administrative Officer: I am like the dog whisperer …dogs love me (don’t behave but love me)…with 4 great danes (and more if I could have them). I also pride myself on my baking skills.






Kay, Director of Marketing: I have an uncanny ability to recognize celebrity voice overs in commercials.






Gabby, Communications Manager: I am double jointed and have a killer hitch hikers thumb. It has taken me to some pretty interesting places!








Tina, Sr. Adviser, Policy & Partnerships: I make PHENOMENAL gumbo!







Tara, Support Services Manager: Falling asleep on airplanes and yoga headstands.








Sheila, Special Counsel: I am pretty good at varnishing teak brightwork on our sailboat and playing bridge.






Emily, Chief Operating Officer: I competed in the 1979 Pan American Games (pre-cursor to the Olympics) in gymnastics representing the first-ever US Virgin Islands team.



What is your special talent???