One Step Closer to Conquering Lung Cancer

The U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate are poised to take votes in the next 48 hours that will mean that our movement is getting close to achieving a long held goal – making lung cancer prevention, diagnoses and treatment a priority on our nation’s health care agenda.  It’s a major step forward, and we are proud to have worked with thousands of people from coast to coast to help achieve this incredible victory.  We applaud the bipartisan efforts of the House and Senate to allow for this important proposal to go forward, and we are grateful to our friends at the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network for working with us to help shine a light on the need for targeted research on these two areas.  This legislation will give The National Cancer Institute the tools it needs to step up its efforts to combat cancer, and we believe it’s a major leap forward that will ultimately improve public health and help save lives.  We are monitoring closely both the House and the Senate and the legislative process, and we look forward to having President Obama put his signature on what we believe is landmark public health legislation.

The movement we started several years ago is now paying off.  We have joined forces with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and other lethal cancer advocacy organizations to petition the National Cancer Institute to develop a new targeted research initiative focused on lethal cancers with low survival rates and little progress. The tireless efforts of people in every part of the country have made the difference.  Thanks to all of them for their incredible efforts.