No One Deserves To Die of Lung Cancer

“Cat lovers deserve to die” is the opening salvo in our national campaign aimed to defeat the stigma and blame associated with lung cancer.

As so many of you know and have felt personally, the biggest obstacle in lung cancer survival has been the common misconception that those who suffer or die from lung cancer deserve their disease because they brought it upon themselves. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

No one deserves to die from lung cancer; not cat lovers, not hipsters, the tattooed, not the one in five patients who has never smoked, or the three in five who have already quit, or the one in five who has been unable to quit. No one.

Breaking down the stigma barrier opens the door for a more constructive public discussion on how to reduce lung cancer’s mortality rate and all the tools are in place to do just that.

Recently, scientists validated CT scanning procedures for those at high risk , which are cost effective and capable of saving tens of thousands of lives each year. There is a bill in Congress specifically addressing lung cancer, and we have thousands of dedicated advocates around the country committed to ending lung cancer’s reign as the leading cause of cancer death.

This campaign, the most far reaching ever conducted around the issue of stigma, is running in 31 markets throughout the United States, including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas and New Orleans.

The campaign is on bus shelters, on phone booths, in metro and subway stations, in movie theatres, online and more.

Through the campaign, we hope to inspire a reexamination of long held beliefs and recalibrate attitudes about lung cancer because no one deserves to die.

To view the campaign and get involved, go to If you see an ad in your area, take a picture next to it and send it to us or upload it to our Facebook or Twitter.