Newly Published Research Further Supports the Cost-Effectiveness of CT Screening for Those At Risk for Lung Cancer

A message from LCA President & CEO, Laurie Fenton Ambrose

August has been a groundbreaking month for the lung cancer community! First, we received the long awaited news from the Government Task Force responsible for providing national screening recommendations that low dose CT screening for those at risk for lung cancer would be recommended. Screening with CT scans is the only proven method that has been confirmed as a way to reduce lung cancer deaths through early detection

Now, we have a new study, released this week, adding to this recommendation that low dose CT screening is highly cost-effective for those at risk (ages 50 – 64). The study also shows that offering smoking cessation interventions with an annual screening program will further improve the overall cost-effectiveness of lung cancer screenings.

This study, A Cost-Utility Analysis of Lung Cancer Screening and the Additional Benefits of Incorporating Smoking Cessation Interventions, is the third in a series of peer-review articles evaluating the benefits of early detection of lung cancer. The studies were performed by Milliman, Inc., a leading international actuarial firm, as well as researchers at Legacy’s Schroeder Institute for Tobacco Research and Policy Studies with input and support from Lung Cancer Alliance.

All three studies show strong evidence that early detection will significantly reduce lung cancer deaths – upwards of 70,000 a year and that low dose CT scans are more cost-effective than commonly used screening methods for other cancers.

We are so proud to have partnered with Legacy and Milliman on these studies which further bolster our long advocated call for backing of CT screening for those at risk for lung cancer. We will continue our efforts to ensure that this life – saving benefit is now deployed responsibly in our health care system.