Message On Lung Cancer Screening

As many of you have most likely seen, lung cancer screening has been in the news many times in the past year. We hope to see a final recommendation from the federal government approving CT screening for those at high risk before the end of this year!

As this important decision draws near, you will likely see an even more heightened focus as well as differing opinions in the press about how CT screening can benefit you.  It may be confusing – but this is what is important to remember.  Above all, lung cancer screening is a life-saver. Period.

Yes, any screening method or drug treatment for any disease comes with varying levels of risk.  But the good news for lung cancer is that today we have a greater understanding of how best to manage any suspicious nodule than we did years ago. We also have more advanced imaging tools to assist us in the earlier detection of lung cancer than those used in earlier outdated studies.  And unfortunately many press reports are using this outdated information.

Over the past two years, through our National Framework, we have been working with screening centers of excellence  to ensure responsible and quality screening and care is available to those who need it most. We will continue to make sure you receive only the most current, updated and responsible information.  We will continue to work with committed leaders in the field to develop tools and materials to guide your understanding and help with conversations you may have with your doctor, family and the people you love.

We urge you to continue to seek information about your lung cancer risk and whether you could benefit from screening. This truly is a win-win for those at risk, researchers seeking cures and all who are impacted by lung cancer.

We promise you that we will never take our focus off the goal of savings lives and advancing research to help anyone impacted by this disease.