Making Mother’s Day Special

Diane Legg_mother's dayWhen I was diagnosed with lung cancer 9 ½ years ago, my biggest concern was my 3 boys, ages 8, 6, and 1.  Being a mother has always been my most important calling in life and I couldn’t imagine not being there to see them reach certain milestones, grow into young men and be parents themselves.  I quickly learned that in order to “live well” with stage IV lung cancer, I needed to stop worrying about the future and what I might miss and instead focus on the present and living in the moment.  This would allow me to really enjoy every minute with my boys; making memories that we all can cherish.  That is why every day is “Mother’s Day”, celebrating each day I get to spend with my family.

In one month, I will celebrate with my oldest son, Dean, as he graduates from high school and readies himself for college.  This past year of college applications and campus visits has been another bonding experience for Dean and me; a life event that I was not sure I’d get to experience when I was first diagnosed.  It’s an incredibly proud moment to see your son grow into a respectful young man and witness this coming of age…a rite of passage as he graduates from high school and heads off to college.

Will I see my other sons graduate from high school or see Dean graduate from college?  I hope so, but I have learned over the last 9 ½ years that there are no guarantees for any of us, with or without lung cancer.  I am incredibly blessed to be a mother to three wonderful sons.  This Mother’s Day, like every day, will be special to me as we will be together and I look forward to celebrating it with my family.

This blog was written by Diane Legg, mother, wife, sister, daughter, advocate…lung cancer survivor.