Join the Lung Cancer Fight

As a lung cancer survivor, supporter or advocate – you are the driving force for change within the lung cancer community.

We developed the Lung Cancer Alliance blog with our fight in mind. We’ll provide timely updates, educational news, and keep you informed on what’s happening here at our offices in DC and with other lung cancer survivors and family members throughout the country and the even the world.

What do we do as an organization? First and foremost, we put the needs of the lung cancer community first. Our vision, and yes, it is a lofty, but achievable one, is to reduce lung cancer mortality by half by the end of the decade and we need your help to make it happen!

Our professional staff provides live support through our suite of support programs and credible information on lung cancer riskscreeningdiagnosis and treatment options. Each person who calls or emails LCA receives comprehensive, tailored information, to assist them in making educated decisions throughout their lung cancer journey.

We are based here in Washington, DC to make a fundamental change in public health. We will ensure that there is a comprehensive and coordinated plan put in place to address lung cancer through the Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act.

–      Laurie Fenton Ambrose