Favorite Scrabble Word: D-A-D

Richard, Michael and Rachel

Richard, Michael and Rachel

Richard, Michael and Rachel






I will be thrilled to spend Father’s Day with the two most precious loves of my life, my children Michael and Rachel.

When I was diagnosed ten years ago, I was 44 years old and my daughter, Rachel was 14 years old and my son, Michael was 16 years old.  They learned about the fragility of life at too young an age.

With my diagnosis, I realized the hard way, growing old was no longer a guarantee but now would be a privilege. My future was out of my control.  But I knew I would do everything I could to stay alive because my children were too young to lose their dad.

There are people in this world who light up the lives of those around them. Michael and Rachel are two of those people for me. I can’t help but smile when they’re around me because they bring me so much joy. They continue to be my inspiration to do everything I can to beat this disease. I know at times they must be afraid but they continue to have the courage to live their lives to their fullest.

Michael and Rachel have shaped my life and are the fiber of my being. My favorite three letter Scrabble word will always be D-A-D.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads impacted by lung cancer.

Life goes on…….thankfully.

Love, Richard

Richard  Heimler is our newest Board member. Consider a donation in his honor and in honor of all the fathers touched by lung cancer this Father’s Day. 

To learn more about Richard, his journey and his family, visit Richard’s Rays of Hope.