Every Little Bit Counts

Carol Tietz, lung cancer survivor and LCA Phone Buddy

Carol Tietz, lung cancer survivor and LCA Phone Buddy

By Carol Tietz, lung cancer survivor, advocate and Phone Buddy

My name is Carol; I am a 5-year small cell lung cancer survivor.  I’m one of the lucky few that make it this far and I am thankful to still be here.

I joined the Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) Phone Buddy program two years ago after a Shine a Light on Lung Cancer event at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn Illinois. Being a Phone Buddy has been a rewarding experience marked with the satisfaction of speaking with and helping other small cell survivors as well as the sadness of losing others – one buddy passed away last December.

I signed up for the Phone Buddy program to help others going through their lung cancer journey, but have come to find it has helped me just as much. The people I have met through volunteering with LCA have touched my life in so many ways. The lung cancer community gives me a strength that I never knew I had.

I am looking forward to seeing this community, including my fellow Phone Buddies, at the National Lung Cancer Summit next week! I attended last year and had an amazing, unforgettable experience where I met some incredible people all committed to fighting lung cancer and raising awareness. We went to Congress and met with our state representatives. I feel that we made a difference by giving people a personal connection to lung cancer just by sharing our stories. I can’t wait to see old friends, meet new ones and, together, give a voice to lung cancer.

Whether you share your story, attend an event or host a fundraiser, every little bit counts, not only in the lives of those you are helping, but also in your own.

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