Creating a Legacy within the Lung Cancer Community

You can create a legacy that will allow us to continue helping others and grow the lung cancer movement – while meeting your financial goals at the same time. In fact, you may be able to do more than you thought possible and still receive favorable financial and tax benefits. There are many planned giving options and we recommend that you consult with your legal counsel, tax attorney and/or financial planner about these options: naming us in your will, gifts of stock, retirement funds, life insurance policies, and real estate.

We were recently contacted by a longtime supporter, survivor and friend who decided leave part of her estate to us in her will. In her own words, we would like to share her story with you.

How did you come to find LCA?
Twelve years ago when I was first diagnosed with lung cancer, I found information about Lung Cancer Alliance and your free support programs on the bulletin board at my oncologist’s office. The staff there also recommended the organization. The rest is history!

What drew you/or attracted you most about LCA?
It was really the grassroots advocacy efforts underway to secure more research funding for lung cancer. It just felt right. I feel good about donating.

As a survivor, what resonated with you about our work?
That you are always here to give hope, comfort and help to anyone who needs it regardless of who they are, where they are or stage of diagnosis.  In my mind, you are leading the grassroots movement as you build the organization. The other groups like American Cancer Society are so large and you are small — but making strides quickly.  The fact that you were just getting started, extending yourselves above and beyond what the bigger groups were doing really appealed to me.

What has been your experience with our staff/volunteers?
Wonderful and very helpful with all the information I need.  You care and take the time to talk to me and help me through. A positive experience right from the beginning!  I also wanted to start a new source of revenue for you through my estate. The fact that I can leave a legacy is very important to me. I can play a role in helping people and also making others aware that they can help too with estate gifts to your organization – rather than put them away where they are not helping anyone else.

Why did you decide to donate to LCA? 
Because I felt strongly that you need help to keep doing what you started. I knew the best place to support was in a cause that is close to me and helps others.

Why as a bequest – why leave us in your will?
Because I wanted you to count on these dollars coming in to make a measurable impact – in one lump sum as that’s what you need now — and tell others they can do the same. At the end of your life you may find that you do have some money to give away. I decided to give it to you to help as many people as possible.

What would you say to others about making a bequest gift to LCA?
It makes you feel so wonderful to know that you are leaving a legacy behind and helping other people with the care that you provide while growing the grassroots movement. The whole picture is very positive and makes me feel great. I want people to know this is an option and we can really build upon this to keep up your grassroots work and support.  Keep fighting the good fight!

– Barbara, 12-year survivor, Boston, Massachusetts

For more information on how you can leave Lung Cancer Alliance in your will or estate plans, please contact Emily Eyres at 202-742-1424 or