An Important Step Towards Coverage for Lung Cancer Screening

We need your help! The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is moving its review process forward for lung cancer screening coverage. Currently the median age for diagnosis is 67 so you can see why this is important to the federal agency that provides health care services to seniors and those disabled.

We believe in the life saving benefit of lung cancer screening and we know you do too. Please consider telling CMS what lung cancer screening means to you and why you think they should cover this for those who need it most. Click here to tell CMS why all those at high risk for lung cancer deserve this life saving benefit!

There will be a number of steps in this process that we will be following and commenting on. But your input is just as important!

Private insurers have already begun to cover lung cancer screening and will continue to do so, but the government agencies follow a separate track.

When lung cancer screening is fully and responsibly implemented we will be able to save tens of thousands of lives a year. We must call on CMS to work with us and move this process forward as quickly as possible.

One final note, for those who have been diagnosed with lung cancer and have never smoked or don’t fit the ‘high risk’ description, this opportunity benefits the entire lung cancer community, as screening is a tool to help accelerate research into other detection, diagnosis and treatment discoveries.

Take action now! Share your thoughts and experiences with CMS.

The public comment period will be open until March 12, 2014. Please do not include personal health information in your comments, as they will be disregarded.