A Guide To Responsible CT Screening For Lung Cancer

We are pleased to announce that the American Cancer Society has joined Lung Cancer Alliance, other leading professional organizations and medical centers around the country in endorsing low dose CT screening for those at high risk for lung cancer.

No one disputes the results of the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST), a randomized controlled trial launched by the National Cancer Institute in 2092 and terminate in 2010. The issues now are how to deploy lung cancer screening responsibly and equitably, and how to determine who else will benefit beyond the NLST population of older, heavy smokers.

We are addressing these issues through our National Framework for Excellence in Lung Screening and Continuum of Care—a set of guiding principles for screening centers which also outlines the rights of the public and requires a multi-disciplinary team to coordinate care.

We urge you to talk with your doctors and learn more about your risk and where to get screened if you fit the at-risk profile. Please visit: www.screenforlungcancer.org for a list of risk factors and for the list of screening centers following our National Framework.