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Where Should I Be Screened?

To find a center near you that is committed to responsible screening, click here.

Ideally, the decision on whether to be screened or not should be made with the help of your primary care doctor or pulmonologist. Your doctor knows your history and possible risk factors best and can help guide you to the right screening center.

Some screening centers require a doctor’s prescription in advance for a scan. Others will do an evaluation, also called a risk assessment, without a prescription to determine if your history and risk factors warrant a scan.

We recommend getting screened at a center that:

  • Provides clear information on the risks and benefits of CT screening.
  • Complies with standards based on best published practices for controlling screening quality, radiation dose and diagnostic procedures. 
  • Works with or ensures a referall process to a lung cancer multidisciplinary clinical team, including radiologists, pathologists, pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, oncologists, radiation oncologists and nurses to carry out a coordinated process for screening, follow up and treatment when appropriate.
  • Includes a comprehensive cessation program for those still smoking or be willing to refer to comprehensive cessation programs.
  • Reports results to those screened and their primary care doctors and transmit requested copies in a timely manner.

 If you feel your screening center includes these components, email Amy Copeland for more information on how to be included in this list.