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Lung Cancer Risk and Screening

Your lung cancer risk is unique to you and so is your decision about getting screened. Find out more and let us help guide you through the process.

What do I need to know about risk?

Learn more about the risk factors for lung cancer and how to decrease your risk and where or not you should be screened.

What do I need to know about screening?

Find out more on the professional recommendations on who should be screened for lung cancer, where you can go to get screened and what you can expect at a screening.

National Framework for Lung Screening Excellence

Read our set of principles to link and guide best practices uniformly among community-based and academic medical centers.

Screening Center Resources

We know that lung cancer screening can save lives when carried out responsibly and following current best practices. For guidance on how to develop a good quality, responsible screening center, we offer documents and resources to help.