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Accountability at Lung Cancer Alliance

As a leading cancer charity, we conduct our support, education and advocacy programs exclusively for those living with or at risk for lung cancer with a firm commitment to accountability, transparency and good governance. We hold ourselves accountable in making sure that the current and future needs of those touched by lung cancer are met.  Every dollar provided to us is used effectively and efficiently to accomplish our mission as validated by the following:

  • We are among the highest - 3 stars - from Charity Navigator, the nationally recognized non- profit rating agency.
  • We are ranked #11 among the country’s leading cancer charities on Philanthropedia
  • We are the recipient of the Independent Charities Seal of Excellence Award for the highest standards of public accountability, program and cost effectiveness.
  • We remain an approved charity under the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC#12398).
  • We are the recipient of the Cancer Charity of the Year Award by the Prevent Cancer Foundation.
  • We are the recipient of the Leadership in Advocacy Award by the Congressional Black Caucus.

“…an extraordinary organization… [when] I looked at their information…there was stuff I learned that I didn’t know about.” —Nancy Snyderman, MD

Efficiency and Effectiveness

How we use our fundsWhy We’re Effective

  • We are patient advocates.
  • We work with partners.
  • We work locally and nationally. 
  • We leverage results

How Do We Measure Success?         

 Community & Support Services

  • Expand support materials to at least 10 modules.
  • Increase growth in database by 20% (Currently ~80,000).
  • Increase fulfillment orders from at least 50% of existing facility contacts (Currently ~1500).
  • Increase number of registered users on the Lung Love Link community by 50%. 

National Awareness

  • Increase website traffic to 50,000 unique visitors per month with 1.5 million page views for the year.
  • Upload additional 25 new scans for Give A Scan.
  • Increase number of scientific papers citing utilization of the Give A Scan website as a resource tool.
  • Increase number of friends and cause members by 50% on Facebook. 
  • Increase  number of Shine A Light vigils, participants and funding by 50%
  • Increase Team Lung Love participation by 50%.
  • Secure Team Lung Love as an official charity in the Boston and New York marathons.   
  • Increase newsletter reach to ¼ million.
  • Increase E-Alerts reach to 100,000 constituents.

 Changing Health Policy

  • Secure 100 House and 40 Senate co-sponsors of the Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act.
  • Secure additional $20+ million in Department of Defense funding.
  • Secure funding for a targeted research grant program in the NCI for lethal cancers.
  • Secure early detection program within the MA sate comprehensive cancer plan.
  • Increase attendance by 50 % at the Capitol Forum.